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Do you want to see the unique book titles and what is in each of the 11 books on infinite life extension? We worked very hard on this entire website to explain the books as the core of infinite life extension processes and information; please do not sell that short, so-to-speak. On the other hand to see each book title and read an alternate explanation of what each book is about GO HERE

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Excel graph showing increase over time of the human lifespan

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At the current slope,
the human lifespan
is increasing to
200-300 years.

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The Founding of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension—more specifically, Personalized Infinite Life Extension

As I wrote, “As with my odyssey, often we cannot see where we are going until we get there.” I have been a continuous student for over 16 years as can be seen on my site Yet, while I continue to add education, credentials, and continue to research, nothing qualifies ANYONE as an expert on infinite life extension; it will remain an ongoing project and a work-in-progress for the nonprofit Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation. As you can see from information on the other pages of this site, the The New Science of Infinite Life Extension began as my single-handed project after a poster presentation that I gave to my Chem Research class San Francisco City College in 2015. Now, going on nearly 6 years of research and writing and the formation of the nonprofit corporation, I am asking your help to help the corporation to continue to research, publicize, distribute the information, processes, methodologies, and concepts of infinite life extension globally. Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation is a State of Delaware nonprofit corporation, but once the IRS approve the 501(c) 3 federal nonprofit status, it will need YOUR help to achieve its mission and vision for the benefit of society. Our writings, postings, books, and publications are addressing what I have named “the average everyday, common person” that has been failed by science and medicine in infinite life extension. As such, website, books, and publications are designed to interesting and utilize story rather that aimed at peers, scientists, doctors, professors, bio-students, researchers, healthcare staff, or academics. The information needs to accessible and actionable to the public even though based, at the core, on science.

Illnesses, diseases, and many disabilities will be prevented or cured by infinite life extension principles and processes. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical care, healthcare, and pharmaceutical medicines will need to be continued for the foreseeable future, but immediate youth retention, rejuvenation, health, strength, and energy will result in individuals, as momentum picks up for the New Science of Infinite Life Extension prevention will overtake and dominate cures. The methodologies of infinite life extension or longevity will infinitely extend life, lifetime personalized health, youth, and activate rejuvenation with actionable methods and changes that can be learned and accessed by the average everyday, common person to eliminate illness, suffering, and improve quality of life. Albert Vincent Sheppard is the CEO, President of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation. It is a nonprofit corporation, which in 2021 begins to publish and distribute infinite life extension information for the benefit of the public good and is based in bioscience, biomedical, medical, healthcare, and healthcare principles.

I am Albert Vincent Sheppard. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, some of you remember when I initially moved to Washington, DC to study for my 4th Master’s Degree, in System’s Medicine to be followed immediately by going to medical school to earn a medical degree (MD). My friends may recall how excited I was when I moved, temporarily to go to school, from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in 2019, where I had lived, worked, played, and been in schools for many years. I sold most of my belonging, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, complete home gym, bookshelves, etc. and kept only my 1500+ books, clothes, 50+ pairs of shoes, personal effects, some favorite kitchen and bedroom stuff, essential electronics, my laptop and desktop computers, computer disks and programs, 2 laser printers, cameras and photography stuff, papers notes, school notebooks, professional journals, and boxes of research, notes, and printouts for my 10-book series on infinite life extension

I had spent the last 16 years primarily in colleges and universities and the last 5 years writing a 10-book series on infinite life extension when I began classes at Georgetown University in System’s Medicine in 2019, and while the classes were interesting and it was a small class of all women except for me, I realized that System’s Medicine was a program too small and too confined to significantly advance my concepts of infinite life extension. For that matter, neither would my earning a MD/medical doctor’s degree, but I would need the MD credential for a later phase of infinite life extension project. The practice of medicine and healthcare is far from infinite life extension, so I have pushed back my start date for entering medical school.

What had attracted me to Georgetown University’s System’s Medicine program was that “system’s medicine,” “personalized medicine,” and “precision medicine” had locked into my thinking since hearing about how the concept and process was being used in getting rapid FDA approvals of pharmaceuticals that were now shown to be precise, effective, and safe for targeted segments of the population. Personalized is based on the fact that everyone is biologically different even though we are the same species. The program for System’s Medicine had that same attraction, but I had no intention of merely becoming an expert at bioinformatics and doing genetic analyses and interpretations on illnesses and diseases conditions. I left the System’s Medicine Master’s Degree program after about 2 months on an official, personal leave of absence. Although I already had 3 Master’s Degrees and a Bachelor of Science Degree, I decided to focus on some core degrees that would contribute more directly to my writings on infinite life extension. Since I was already on the East Coast, I enrolled at Delaware State University, where I had started college years ago before joining the U.S. Marine Corps, and enrolled to earn my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th undergraduate degrees. I enrolled in 3 simultaneous degree programs, Biology for Research, Psychology, and Computer Science to add to my Bachelor of Science in Technology Management with a Biomedical Engineering Technology emphasis, a MPA (Master of Public Administration) with a full concentration in Healthcare Management; a MISM (Master of Information Systems Management) with a full concentration in IS Tools (programming); and a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with a full concentration in Information Systems Management. I was not studying or achieving degrees for a job; I needed to focus on the core of these subjects and degree work as they reinforce my concepts and processes for infinite life extension, which none of them alone and no management level or Master’s level degree could do.

As some of you already know, I plan to next add a Masters of Computer Science, a Bachelor of Software Engineering, a MD (medical doctor’s degree), and a PhD. Meanwhile, although I’m a fulltime student in Delaware, on September 1st, 2020, I founded a nonprofit corporation, Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation. Notice that I added “Personalized” to “Infinite Life Extension.” From my Chem Research seminar and Biotech Seminar at City College of San Francisco and my enrollment at Georgetown University for System’s (Personalized) Medicine, I have no doubt that “personalized” is not only the future of medicine and the future of pharmacology, but is ALSO the path for infinite life extension. I formed Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation in Delaware as a Delaware corporation, and I am filing for a 501(c) 3 status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

When I realized what a sorry state the publishing industry is in and that it is a bit of a monopoly, I decided to form this corporation and also decided that self-publishing, although very expensive, would offer me near unlimited freedom from publishing agents and publishing company’s constraints. My many years of business experience in various industries, my MBA, and other degrees gave me equal potential for successful publishing, marketing, and distribution of my work. Simultaneously, I realized that personalized infinite life extension was FAR MORE than simply publishing a 10-book series—if it was to become a global movement of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension..

Most of my belongings that I shipped from California are still in a storage unit in Washington, DC, and I have been living in a 1-bedroom Airbnb apartment in Dover, Delaware for almost a year. My apartment has been stable and safe since the advent of COVID, but I’ll lease my own apartment in the spring of 2021. Continue here with the Explanation the Science of Infinite Life Extension Here at this link

The Explanation the Science of Infinite Life Extension Here at this link

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