Image of the logo-seal of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation Image of IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit charity determination letter and State of Delware corporate charter and Seal of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation, a nonprofit corporation Please help to advance this New Science of Infinite Life Extension and the ongoing research
with a tax-deductible donation and your purchase of the 10-book series on infinite life extension
and the First-Ever Textbook of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension. Join
the personalized movement of YOUR infinite life extension
to live as long as you want to live. You will be listed as a contributing
founder of the new science or simply can stay anonymous. Either way, we
thank you, and the present and future generations will remember you with
gratitude for their extended lifetimes.

Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation Nameplate

Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit CHARITY

What’s In Each Book of the 10-book Series on Infinite Life Extension and The First-Ever Textbook of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension

Do you want to see the unique book titles and what is in each of the 11 books on infinite life extension? We worked very hard on this entire website to explain the books as the core of infinite life extension processes and information; please do not sell that short, so-to-speak. On the other hand to see each book title and read an alternate explanation of what each book is about GO HERE

How Much Is YOUR Life Worth?

How much is YOUR life worth? If we are trying to ensure YOUR survival, isn’t it reasonable for YOU to also help ensure this FIRST OF ITS KIND infinite life extension nonprofit charity’s survival?

You Can Get the ALL 11 books on Infinte Life Extension NOW!
The 10-book series and the First-Ever Textbook of infinite life extension contain ALL the processes, methodologies, concepts, and principles for YOU in accessible and actionable information written for the average, everyday, common person. HELP Us to publish the information and to develop the new science with a small, medium, or large donation to our nonprofit—501(c)3 AND YOUR pre-purchase of the 10-book series on infinite life extension and the First-Ever Textbook of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension.

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Please donate as if your life and your family and friend’s life depends on it.

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Excel graph showing increase over time of the human lifespan

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At the current slope,
the human lifespan
is increasing to
200-300 years.

Chart of infinite life extension achievable now

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chart is of
your infinite life
extension potential





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Why Is This Nonprofit Not about Profit and Not about Sales?

We chose to establish Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation as a nonprofit because a nonprofit organization (NPO) is a legal organization operated for a public or social benefit or a collective benefit. A nonprofit organization contrasts with a for-profit organization that functions as a business to generate profit for its business owners.

In a nonprofit, revenues that exceed expenses must be committed to the organization’s purpose, not taken by private parties. Our nonprofit corporation was formed under the State of Delaware laws and has been registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. This permits donors who wish to support our mission with monetary donations to do so as tax-deductible contributions.

Nonprofits’ key aspects are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to every person who has invested time, money, and faith into the organization. Nonprofit organizations are accountable to the donors, founders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community.

While any successful organization has to attend to running the business efficiently, which often involves sales and profit, our primary focus is on the mission and the corporate vision. Because as a nonprofit, we are not driven by generating profit, the corporation must bring in enough income to pursue its goals. Our nonprofit, like most nonprofits, must raise money primarily from donations from individual donors or foundations; sponsorship from corporations; government funding; programs, services, or merchandise sales; and investments. As a small startup nonprofit organization, not all these options will be immediately available to us as funding sources, and fundraising will be a challenge for our scientific endeavor.

I am the founder of a new science that I have named The Science of Infinite Life Extension—more specifically Personalized Infinite Life Extension. On September 1st of 2020, I formed a Delaware nonprofit corporation, “Personalized Infinite Life Extension, Corporation,” and received my completed corporate charter (certificate of incorporation) from the State of Delaware. I filed for a United States/IRS 501(c)3 corporate tax-exempt status for the corporation for the purpose of research, analysis, forming conclusions, creating actionable, personalized applications of infinite life extension knowledge, relevant innovation, writing, publishing, and distribution of personalized infinite life extension information, online applications, building internet networks, and bio-devices for the benefit of the public-not for the intention of making profits and not for the intention of making revenue from sales and commercialism.

The Intention is to Greatly Benefit Society

The intention is to benefit society by proving what I have named the “average everyday common person,” the knowledge, the processes, methodology, the tools, and the mindset to extend her or his life infinitely or to live as long as she or he chooses to live with youthfulness, maximized health, and disease-free. It is NOT about making money; it’s about YOU and providing you with a personalized methodology and tools for long-term life extension with visible and internal youth and health.

On November 3rd, 2020, The founder, Albert Vincent Sheppard, completed course/training for Staying Tax Exempt and Applying for Section 501(c)(3) Status with the United States Internal Revenue Service and received this Certificate of Completion. He also filed for Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation to be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation under the laws of the United States IRS:

Under the category of: SCIENCE

Subcategory: Biological, Life Science Research

with a Mission: To research, to develop, to organize, to promote, and to publish the Science of Infinite Life Extension globally and to promulgate the concepts and processes to permit people to extend their lives and to live healthy, youthful, and disease free.

Image of the IRS determination letter

This IRS letter of determination has been received and is effective back to September 1st, 2020. It is a significant step because it means that YOUR donations and contributions to Personalize Infinite Life Extension Corporation for the New Science of Infinite Life Extension development will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations. As applicable under IRS rules you can deduct your donations from your taxable income when you file.

The following story of a conversation with my book cover designer is typical.

My designer-illustrator said to me that if I am planning to sell books online, he thinks ebook is necessary because with most of his client’s ebooks are 98% of their sales. He said, “Most that most people don’t buy physical books anymore.”

While I respect his talent and his works immensely, this shows how so many people have different values of what’s important in life, etc. I told him “My project is not merely for people to get a “good read.” I expect that this book will be kept in homes almost like a coffee table book. …to be a subject of conversation with guests and family…and to be constantly picked up almost like a reference book. Two of the books are about cooking, food selection and preparation; I expect them to be kept in or near kitchens. One book will probably be the favorite of the skincare industry. I hope that book will be in a lot of salons and treatment rooms. That’s something physical that old and young can touch and feel. I’m around physical books all the time, and even though I often have access to ebooks, especially for online classes, I have a huge personal library of print books. I always double down and buy the hard copy, too, even if I have an online textbook with my courses. I hope that my book might also be eligible for some award, and the recognition that I have in mind requires that the book is a printed book. So, it’s about sales, yes, but it’s not ALL about sales. The print copy is the main focus still, but I’d like to do the ebook simultaneously. Thanks.

So, there is still a strong place in this world for printed books, AND people DO still love and buy printed books—even though the publishing industry is under siege from being a partial monopoly of agents and publishers, from the recent economic shutdown of storefront stores, and from what has become a mature and strong self-publishing industry with ebooks and printed books.

You should know that I didn’t have to create a nonprofit corporation to research, analyze, write, publish, promote, and distribute information, concepts, processes, methodology, and principles for infinite life extension if it was about sales or making money. A nonprofit can make a profit, but it prohibits the money from being distributed to the founder (me) or officers of the nonprofit and private individuals—although I can be an employee of the corporation. Employee salaries must be reasonable and subject to be monitored by government entities overseeing nonprofits. If it were about profit and sales, I would have chosen a different kind of business structure. I have written this 10-book series and the First-Ever Textbook of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension and made it the centerpiece for our nonprofit corporation for your benefit and the benefit of the collective society—not for profit or merely sales. While sales are an essential part of the distribution, it is NOT the purpose of the book series and the subsequent books to come. It never surprises me how commercialism is first on people’s minds. Often, it works against important human values, or I should say that it usually works against important human values.

I stay excited about each step of the progress each day. It’s also fun. It will be nice to dust off my business experience and put my MBA to use to enhance what began with the 16 years of education, 5 years of writing, 5 years of research, bio-sciences, healthcare, biotech, biomedical, information systems, and bio-device technology systems education and concepts. Did I mention that it’s fun?

Note: Unrelated to this conversation, I cancelled my book cover agreement and decided to design the 10-book series covers on my own. I have a fair bit of graphics and Photoshop skills. It is too difficult for artists to translate my concept of infinite life extension into a single picture image.

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